Methods of Study


A. Independent Study Method

This method of study has been designed for those who wish to pursue higher education without employing much of time and other resources, being occupied in a career or business. The candidate takes up studies independently based on the detailed syllabus provided along with prescribed list of books and guidelines to important sections. Candidates are also provided assignments and question papers under open book examination scheme. At the end of each semester, the candidates can appear for as many modules of their choice as they are prepared either at the nearest examination center or through a proctor who will also conduct evaluation.

B. Home Study Method

This is similar to independent study method except for the fact that proprietary, tailor made course materials are provided under this method. The candidate would be required to interact with faculty members or mentors / proctors / guides at mutually convenient schedules and would also have access to libraries and Labs on s required basis as compared to Independent study method.

Those, especially who have already taken up a profession, cannot afford 2 to 3 hours regularly everyday to attend a computer class, even though one is convinced that there is a need to update oneself in computer studies. The desire to be a computer literate is sometimes unaffordable due to the high price of some of the hi-flown courses available in the market. For some, the idea of being a student once again in life is not palatable. MIST provides you a solution to all the above problems. Learning at one’s own convenience, and spending as much as one can afford only, are the identifying marks of MIST training philosophy. Executives who can afford may also appoint proctors to guide them as per one’s convenience. The academy has a resource pool of freelancers who can render such services; you may even hire/assemble/buy a computer. Home study programs are also supplemented by weekend contract programs at various ACP’s and practical computer interaction at one’s own pace, wherever the candidate can avail computer time.

C. Classroom Study Method

The methodology for classroom study employed for regular batches is distinctly different from that of the conventional institutes – here; the emphasis is on job-oriented / practical approach. At the higher end, the emphasis is on –the-job training and ‘Learn – While – Your – Work’, and convenience learning.


Faculty members are drawn from among the practicing professionals having a variety of specialization and years of actual experience. For hardware engineering modules only classroom study method is possible. However, credits could be earned by transfer from other recognized institutes.

D. Collaborative Learning Method

Through this method, community of Learners are connected to each other and they use various technology driven platforms to exchange information, findings and views and environment to conference at convenient venues at given intervals are provided so that the members learn from each other through a collaborative approach.
E. Blended Learning Method.

This precisely is a combination of various methods enumerated above blending with each other in a planned way. By the very design and nature, this initiative is aimed at taking good job oriented programmes of various institutions closer to a larger cross section of potential candidates, through a “BLENDED LEARNING OPTION” whereby candidates can acquire credits. These candidates place heavy dependence on independent study or online methodology from the comfort of their homes. The learners themselves determine the pace. Faculty assisted sessions at campuses or study centres across the continent, where experienced faculty, library, labs and other facilities are provided, supplements the independent study or the online learning.

Facilitated online learning, employing collaborative learning methodologies are also deployed at the study centres so as to make the learning process forceful, making it extremely easy to complete the Degree programs. Even candidates from middle class families that do not own computers can benefit by online learning as designed at MIST.

Our ACP’s [Academic Channel Partners] provide students with a modern and wholesome learning environment, up to date computer hardware and software and other requisite infrastructure as well as skilled tutors with a good knowledge, Global Certifications and experience of the related specialised industry area they hail from. More importantly, they provide hands on experience as well as placement support to Candidate.