WORTH IT!! A Review of MIST


Since the reviews online were a significant factor in making my decision, I’ll give you guys a thorough summary of my experience ­čÖé When I decided I wanted to study abroad, I started to research and research. Most ┬ástudy abroad companies were too expensive for my budget, so I was trying to find an internship on my own and arrange everything myself. I chatted a lot with MIST staff, who happily answered my questions. I found that MIST was the better-reviewed program. The only negative reviews I found, I shared with the MIST staff and asked them to clarify them for me, and they were happy to do so. They finally convinced me to apply, giving me step-by-step instructions. My only complaint would be that, sometimes, they would take their time to answer my questions, but to be fair, they never ignored any of my concerns. When you are applying to a study abroad or intern abroad program, you must understand that there will be times where you will just have to be patient. MIST has hundreds and maybe thousands of students applying to programs all over the world, which is really cool, but also takes a lot of time from the staff.